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Every reseller knows how much time it takes to grow a reputable reselling business on social media. For me, it took me a couple of years to grow the audience I had. After making multiple trades, I ended up falling for a common scam.

Long story short, I trusted this page by sending my $300 pair of sneakers and $160 cash. Instead of doing their part of the deal, they blocked me and took advantage of me. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get my money back.

After this set back, I started to hate the reselling business. I spoke with multiple resellers and I learned the importance of trust in this business. I retired from my reselling business and began my journey to find the solution to this problem.

Then InstaHeat was born. After years of testing, we found how to make a trustworthy platform that allows resellers to optimize their profits while growing their business at the same time. We also came up with the best way to benefit customer by giving them the quickest and most efficient shipping & authentication process.

Now the goal is to reach as many people by benefiting both buyers and sellers and maintaining a safe and trustworthy marketplace.

- D'alexander Zegarra

CEO/Founder @ InstaHeat

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D'alexander Zegarra


Kelsey Park

Software Engineer

Arvin Dinh

Software Engineer

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